9 08, 2019

Learn How to Make Stunning Metallic Epoxy Floors


LEARN HOW TO MAKE STUNNING METALLIC EPOXY FLOORS Metallic epoxy floors are some of the most beautiful floors any could ever install in their homes, garages, basements, or businesses. These are unique floors that offer a 3D illusion by manipulating pigmentation in the epoxy floor coating. These floors cannot be redone or mimicked, so you will be the only one to ever have that flooring design. Epoxy floors are already strong and resistant but metallic floors are 100% epoxy, this makes them the strongest and most resilient flooring option. So, how do you get these floors on [...]

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8 08, 2019

Trending: Getting Creative With Epoxy Floor Coatings


TRENDING: GETTING CREATIVE WITH EPOXY FLOOR COATINGS Anytime anyone has heard of epoxy floors it is typically referring to a garage floor, a basement floor, or an industrial concrete floor, but here we are discussing the many different design options for homes using epoxy for their floors. Epoxy floor coatings are used for interior designs in homes and businesses that create expressive artistic designs, making the areas unique and very eye-catching. Aside from being artistically beneficial, epoxy coatings can be used to fix uneven floors, create beautiful floors, offer an unlimited amount of colors. The epoxy allows [...]

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6 08, 2019

Pool Safety Tips for Your Family This Summer


POOL SAFETY TIPS FOR YOUR FAMILY THIS SUMMER The pool is a fun place to make memories with friends and family; however, it is also a place where over 3,500 children die from unintentional drownings a year. This is not to scare anyone away from installing or utilizing a pool in their home, it is a way to point out how important it is to establish safety procedures and rules for younger children around a pool. Here are some ways that have been proven to be effective in keeping children safe and families feeling secure: [...]

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4 08, 2019

The Correct Way to Resurface A Concrete Floor


THE CORRECT WAY TO RESURFACE A CONCRETE FLOOR The great thing about resurfacing concrete is that it does not require you to break the bank, it does not require extensive labor, and there is a methodically way to approach resurfacing concrete floors. These surfaces can be redesigned to mimic other surfaces like brick, tile, wood, stone, and so much more! Resurfacing concrete floors allows homes and businesses to keep their floors, enhance the current concrete, and save thousands of dollars on new materials. Resurfacing is truly the best decision for anyone wanting to make a smart financial [...]

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2 08, 2019

Sprucing Up Your Garage Floor


SPRUCING UP YOUR GARAGE FLOOR Contrary to the past, your garage floor no longer needs to look or feel standard! Garage floors do not have to be dull, grey, and boring. Your residential garage floors can be made-new with different flooring solutions that all benefit you and your garage for different reasons. Don’t have a specific idea for your garage? Don’t worry! We have plenty below for you and your dream garage floor. Below you’re going to find some floors that are better installed by professionals, some floors that would do fine with a DIY, and some [...]

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25 07, 2019

Rustic Wood Flooring V.S. Traditional Flooring


Rustic Wood Flooring V.S. Traditional Flooring When you’re attempting to show a true comparison between traditional flooring and epoxy flooring it is important to show all of the great and all of the poor aspects of all floors. Below we will compare how the more traditional flooring options compete and fall short when compared to rustic wood flooring. Tile VS Rustic Wood Flooring: Tile flooring has created a great cover for itself that has last for many years, the cover is the assumption customers make about the maintenance [...]

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23 07, 2019

How to Clean and Maintain Garage Floor Coatings


HOW TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN GARAGE FLOOR COATINGS Garage floor coatings are known for not needing extensive deep cleans or expensive waxes and cleaners; however, occasionally, your floors will need some type of care. Nothing can last without a little bit of care and management and that includes durably long-lasting floor coatings. Coatings keep your garage floor from stains, wear and tear, dust, and damage by chemicals, so it is little surprise to learn about how to maintain such a coating. We suggest the following ways to care for your garage floor coatings: [...]

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20 07, 2019

Benefits of Garage Floor Coatings


BENEFITS OF GARAGE FLOOR COATINGS This may come as a surprise to a lot of customers and prospective clients, but naked concrete is not long-lasting. Meaning, naked concrete is not safely usable if it is not properly coated because it can create real safety and health hazards. In a residential garage, it is important to have a long-lasting and durable flooring system that will always be able to keep you, your family, friends, and visitors safe. Garage floor coatings are crucial for the overall long-lasting health of your garage. Benefits for a garage floor coating extend far [...]

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19 07, 2019

Pro’s and Con’s of an Epoxy Floor


PRO’S AND CON’S OF AN EPOXY FLOOR Everything in life has a positive aspect to it and a negative, including materials and items we purchase and/or install. Epoxy floors are no different; however, they are different in the sense that they offer more pros then they do cons and here is why they are affordable and long-lasting. Those two positives alone make epoxy concrete floors worth investing in but to make things even, we have split up a list of pros and cons so our clients can make the decision for themselves. Epoxy floors are 8 [...]

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17 07, 2019

How Long Do Epoxy Floors Last?


HOW LONG DO EPOXY FLOORS LAST? Epoxy floors have become popular options for residential, commercial, and industrial properties all over the country because they offer many benefits. One of the most important benefits epoxy floors offer any environment they are installed in is resistance to damage. An epoxy floors resistance is a key factor in why it lasts as long as it does. Epoxy floors are smart choices for homes and businesses seeking floors that are durable and long-lasting. So, what are epoxy floors? An epoxy flooring system is a mixture made up of resin and hardeners [...]

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