Ready to be the envy of the neighborhood? Garage floor epoxy in Riverside, California is rapidly gaining popularity with hobbyists, home mechanics, and homeowners who simply want an attractive and clean garage. As one of the top garage floor epoxy companies in Riverside, California, we can completely transform your garage with a one-of-a-kind epoxy system.
A garage epoxy coating isn’t just attractive; it’s also low maintenance with an ultra long life and superior performance. Ready to find out why thousands of homeowners in Riverside are turning to garage epoxy? Here’s what makes it the ideal solution for your garage.
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    Why Choose Garage Floor Epoxy in Riverside?
    Here are some of the benifits of having epoxy flooring
    California use only the best epoxy formulations to deliver all of the benefits you expect from professional epoxy installation. Here's why garage floor epoxy has become all the rage in Riverside. .
    Mind Blowing Features

    Epoxy Flooring

    An epoxy garage floor coating bonds with your concrete and is actually much stronger than the concrete itself. Along with increasing its weight load, epoxy protects the concrete from damage and stains. Check out the other great benefits that epoxy flooring will give you!

    Easy To Clean And Maintain

    Just sweep and mop as needed; no special products necessary and no cracks for dirt to hide. Spills are even isolated on the surface for easy cleanup.
    Hides Concrete

    Hides Concrete Imperfection

    You don’t need to look at cracked, stained, and ugly concrete anymore. Our garage floor epoxy contractors will carefully prepare the concrete before installation for smooth and flawless results.

    Resists Stain And Damage

    Garage epoxy in Riverside is almost impervious to damage from tires, automotive fluids, chemicals, dropped objects, and moisture. It even offers excellent stain resistance.

    Affordable Flooring

    Garage epoxy is a cost-effective way to completely update the look and performance of your garage. You can expect to pay nearly half the price of other flooring to have epoxy coatings installed, and epoxy will last longer!
    Fast Installation

    Fast Installation

    Professional epoxy flooring doesn’t require much more than three day to deliver a beautiful and high-performance garage floor. Our team is dedicated to getting your project completed in a timely manner!

    Customizable Appearance

    There are endless ways to get a unique look with epoxy coatings. From single-color high-gloss finishes and beautiful flake epoxy to a show-stopping metallic epoxy garage floor in Riverside, the options are truly endless.
    Custom Garage

    Custom Garage

    Floor Options
    One of the most exciting aspects of garage epoxy is how easy it is to customize. Epoxy doesn’t need to be a boring and sterile commercial solution. We can achieve almost any look you want with a combination of colors, metallic pigments, and color flakes.
    Some homeowners want something simple like a solid white or gray garage epoxy floor. Others want something more decorative like epoxy flake flooring, which creates a colorful effect. The most unique option is a metallic epoxy garage floor in Riverside, California.
    Metallic epoxy has metallic pigments mixed in with the epoxy and manipulated with blowers, brushes, rollers, and solvents to create an unbelievable effect. We can even design custom patterns or incorporate a sports logo for a one-of-a-kind garage floor.
    We Can Install or Repair Any Type Of Epoxy Floor
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    Cost-Effective Garage Flooring
    Getting a beautiful and high-performance garage floor doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Our garage floor epoxy contractors in Riverside, California can deliver a hardworking and long-lasting garage floor without a major upfront cost. Depending on the options you select, garage epoxy can cost anywhere from $3 to $12 per square foot. Don’t make the mistake of trying DIY epoxy kits to save money, though; professional installation delivers superior results that can last decades, not just a couple of years. Our contractors also prepare the surface of your concrete with crack repair and diamond grinding to ensure a strong bond that lasts.
    Seamless, Non-Slip Surface
    Your garage floor will face water tracked in from your car and feet, spills, and automotive fluids. Our garage epoxy in Riverside, CA can improve the safety of your garage by creating a skid-resistant surface that’s easy to keep clean. When your epoxy is dry, it offers good traction. We can also add slip-resistant additives to your topcoat to make your floor even safer in the face of spills and moisture.
    Brighten Your Garage
    Are you tired of your dark garage? Do you enjoy working on hobbies at a garage workshop? Do you use the garage to work on your car? Our garage floor epoxy in Riverside, California can increase the brightness of your garage by up to 300% with an incredibly reflective surface. With a bright epoxy floor, you can stop struggling to see what you’re doing with insufficient overhead lights and even find tiny objects you drop on the floor.
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    Question for your epoxy floor?Find your answer below
    Curious about our process for achieving stunning and flawless garage floor epoxy in Riverside, California? Want to know if your garage is a good candidate? Get started with these frequently asked questions and give us a call if you have additional concerns.
    How durable will my epoxy garage floor be?
    Garage epoxy is incredibly strong and durable. It can withstand almost anything it faces in your garage from moisture and road salt to automotive fluids and dropped objects. Professional epoxy installation creates a damage- and wear-resistant plastic coating that’s even stronger than the concrete floor.
    Can epoxy be repaired if it cracks?
    It’s not common for epoxy flooring in Riverside, California to crack. When you do develop cracks in the garage epoxy coating, it’s usually caused by cracks developing in the concrete slab and telegraphing into the epoxy. Fortunately, these cracks are usually very thin and may be very difficult to notice unless you look closely. With decorative epoxy flake coatings, these hairline cracks can be very well hidden. Small cracks in the epoxy will not damage the performance of your floor and they do not need to be repaired. In the rare case of serious cracks, your concrete slab has likely moved. The coating should be stripped so a new coating can be applied.
    Can you apply garage epoxy over existing cracks?
    No, this is never a good idea. If an epoxy garage floor coating is applied over cracks in your concrete, you will not get a seamless and flawless finish. The epoxy will also have difficulty bonding with the concrete. Our Riverside garage floor epoxy contractors take the time to prepare the concrete surface before the epoxy coating is applied. Cracks will be filled and the surface will be treated with diamond grinding or shot blasting. This ensures superior bonding and long-lasting results.
    Will my garage floor epoxy be slippery?
    This is a common misconception about epoxy flooring. Actually, epoxy flooring is a lot like a basketball court; completely safe with good traction when dry and clean. Epoxy can be slippery when it gets wet but there’s an easy solution. We can add a non-skid additive to the topcoat of your epoxy to create a very safe, slip-resistant surface, even if the floor is wet.

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