Now that summer has gone and passed, now is the perfect time to take a look at the condition of your pool deck. We know that it can be stressful when your concrete pool deck is plagued with cracks, weathered spots or when your decking begins to peel. Where your first thought may be to have the pool deck replaced, that can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take weeks to complete. That is where our process of pool deck resurfacing comes in! Pool deck resurfacing can save your concrete slab, saving the integrity of your pool, the pool’s plumbing and offers benefits like:
  • Endless Design Options
  • Longer Lasting Concrete
  • Increased Home Value
These are only a few benefits of our resurfacing service but trust us, this concrete solution offers more benefits than most homeowners know about! Down below, we will be outlining everything that you need to know about pool deck resurfacing before you make the call!
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    The Possibilities Are Endless
    Materials Used In Pool Deck Resurfacing
    Many homeowners perform pool deck resurfacing just to change the appearance of the backyard but damaged decks can get the same treatment. Down below, you will find some of the materials we use to make your deck beautiful again:
    • Pool Deck Repair
    • Concrete Paint
    • Sealers
    • Artistic Overlays
    • Stamped Concrete
    • Pavers
    • Kool Decking
    • Wood Stamped Concrete
    • Stained Concrete
    Pool Deck Repair
    The Process Of

    Pool Deck Resurfacing

    Heres How We Resurface Concrete:
    To begin, we perform a thorough cleaning of the concrete surface and remove any previous coating that could still be on the deck. After the deck has been cleaned and all debris is cleared from cracks or gouges, we start repairs on the deck’s damage. We use a strong crack filler to restore the structural integrity of the deck and to provide you with a seamless and smooth finish when the project is completed.
    After repairs have been made, we profile the surface of the concrete to enforce a tight bond for our coating. This process is done with grinders or shot blasting, both of which will open the pores of the concrete. Next is the step where we coat the entire deck with our resurfacing agent which will act as a base for another coating like Kool Decking or be used as the main decking protected by a sealer.
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    The Benefits Of Performing

    Pool Deck Resurfacing
    Now that we know how we perform resurfacing and the different finishes that can be achieved with this process, now it’s time to learn why you should consider pool deck resurfacing outside of the aesthetics. Down below, you will find some of the best benefits that you and your home stand to gain from pool deck resurfacing:
    acrylic pool deck resurfacing
    Safer Decking
    Here’s how resurfacing can make your deck safer:
    With our pool deck materials, we can increase the slip and skid resistance of your pool deck with optional additives or the natural texture of some materials like stamped concrete and Kool Decking. Also, equipping your pool deck with a sealer or acrylic paint can decrease the temperature of the deck by up to 30 degrees! No matter what material you choose, our resurfacing service will make the deck safer for anyone using it.
    Pool Deck Resurfacing Riverside
    Longer Lasting Concrete
    This is how resurfacing can help your concrete last longer:
    With our resurfacing agents, we can restore and increase the structural integrity of the deck. This is done through the repair of the cracks that can make the deck move easier under heavy traffic or weather changes. Our resurfacing agents will act as a shield for your concrete as well, protecting it from water damage, chemical exposure and the harsh UV rays that beat down on your deck daily, increasing the service life of the deck.
    Carefree Maintenance
    What to expect when maintaining your deck:
    Where plain concrete or aged coatings will begin to stain over time. With resurfacing, you will be cleaning new materials that can resist stains, scratches, and abrasions. For our coatings, all you will need to do is sweep and mop regularly to remove built-up grime. For tough spots, a PH neutral cleaner can be used to make the process easier. For coatings that use sealers, the sealer will need to be replaced every 1-3 years.
    Concrete Pool Deck
    How resurfacing is more sustainable than replacing the deck:
    29. Concrete resurfacing is a much more sustainable way to get the decking of your dreams. By replacing the deck, you are dumping more material into landfills and introducing new materials into the environment with thick concrete. With resurfacing, you can limit the amount of waste in the environment by using your existing concrete slab. With concrete resurfacing, you can limit your carbon footprint!
    Investment Factors
    Why resurfacing is a smart investment:
    32.Most homeowners that use concrete resurfacing get to reap the benefits of increasing home value. It is proven that homes with a clean concrete pool deck can see tremendous gains on the open market in terms of value and interest. Our resurfacing procedures have warranted a 70-75% return investment and home value increase by up to 5%. If you are looking to sell your home with a damaged deck, it may not even pass inspection.
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