Are you tired of money hungry contractors trying to convince you to spend thousands replacing your damaged concrete? Maybe you are just tired of the same old look of a bare concrete flooring system or have had enough of the subpar traditional flooring systems on the market. Whether you need your concrete repaired, a stylish finish or a high-performance flooring system our concrete floor coatings can provide exactly what you need and more. Our concrete coatings offer:
  • Superior Performance
  • Longer Lasting Concrete Slabs
  • Decades Of Service Life
As a company founded in Riverside, we only have one goal in mind. It isn’t making money it is to provide our neighbors in Riverside with award-winning materials and professional, informative and bar none customer service. Do you want to learn more about what our concrete coatings can do for your home or business? We have all the information you need and more down below!
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    Where Can Coatings Be Used?
    Common Areas That Concrete Coatings Are Used
    Our concrete coatings in Riverside are extremely versatile and can be placed anywhere they are needed! Because the large about of areas it can be placed in, here are the most popular areas that concrete coatings can be applied in:
    • Commercial Facilities
    • Garage Flooring
    • Pool Decking
    • Basements
    • Industrial Facilities
    • Medical Centers
    • Warehouses
    • Man Caves
    • Retail Facilities
    • Driveways
    epoxy coating

    Why Use A

    Concrete Coating?
    Homeowners, business owners, and even property managers love our concrete coatings for plenty of reasons. Not yet convinced a concrete coating is what you need? Here are a few benefits that your home, commercial or industrial facility can gain from our concrete floor coatings:
    • With one of our concrete epoxy coatings, your facility will see a major improvement with the durability of the flooring system and even a massive increase in terms of weight tolerance
    • Concrete coatings can save you thousands of dollars when compared to replacing your existing concrete slab and can even make the concrete last decades longer
    • With any of our concrete floor coatings, you will have major input and options when it comes to designing and customizing your flooring system especially with an epoxy floor coating or decorative concrete coating
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    Types Of Concrete Coatings

    in Riverside
    Along with the benefits of our concrete coatings, we have dozens of different types of concrete coatings to go along with those benefits. Whether you are looking for a garage floor coating or a commercial floor coating, we got you covered! Because of the sheer amount of our coatings, we have outlined the most popular concrete floor coatings down below!
    epoxy floor coating
    Epoxy Floor Coatings
    Here is what an epoxy flooring system can offer your home or business facility
    • Epoxy offers the most customization out of any other flooring system on the market. We offer a wide range of base colors, multi or single colored flakes and metallic pigments to customize your flooring
    • We even offer stencils to create text, arrows, and boundaries for commercial/industrial facilities
    • Epoxy floor coatings are also the most chemical resistant flooring on the market and will isolate all chemicals on its surface
    epoxy coatings for concrete floors
    Stamped Concretes
    Stamped concrete is a spectacle of concrete floor coatings and is one of the true artistic concrete coatings left on the market. Here is what makes stamped concrete so special:
    • Stamped concrete can be used to create paver patterns, natural stone or use stamped concrete to create a rustic wood flooring with the strength of concrete.
    • Stamped concrete can be used to repair your existing concrete slab
    • We can use stains to create highs/lows to make the coating look even more realistic
    metallic epoxy floor coating
    Metallic Epoxy Flooring
    Metallic epoxy is one of the most desired and exotic flooring options on the market due to its ability to be customized unlike any other flooring system:
    • You can use metallic epoxy flooring to craft a flooring with the appearance of a cloudy day, lava or even waves crashing into the beach
    • Metallic epoxy flooring is even strong as it uses the same 100 percent solid epoxy system as an industrial epoxy flooring system so you don’t have to worry about switching performance for beauty
    best concrete resurfacer
    Concrete Sealers
    • Our award-winning sealers can be used outside to protect pool decking and even concrete without yellowing
    • Sealers can make your concrete waterproof so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear
    • For some of our clients, our other concrete coatings are just too much visually but with a sealer, you can keep the professional appearance of concrete with the protection it needs to last decades
    Concrete Resurfacing
    • Concrete resurfacing is the process of repairing your existing concrete slab to save you thousands compared to replacing the entire concrete slab
    • A micro topping is used as a base to repair the concrete and make the surface of the concrete uniform
    • The micro topping can then be covered using any of our other concrete coatings like stamped concrete overlays or epoxy flooring
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