Whether you’re a homeowner or a facility manager, there’s a lot to love about polished concrete. This low-cost solution transforms dull, ugly, and dark concrete into bright, colorful, and vibrant flooring that can give any space the “wow” factor you’re looking for. As one of the leading concrete polishing companies in Riverside, California, our contractors have decades of experience with concrete polishing for reliable and beautiful results.
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    Where We Install Polished Concrete
    An attractive, durable, and versatile solution
    Polished concrete can be used in a wide variety of residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Out concrete polishing contractors in Riverside, California offer concrete polishing service for the following applications and more:
    • Business lobbies
    • Grocery stores
    • Residential flooring
    • Garages
    • Basements
    • Clubs and bars
    • Office buildings
    • Medical facilities
    • Condo common areas
    Epoxy Floor Coating Riverside

    Concrete Polishing

    Service in Riverside
    Concrete grinding and polishing is a skilled, multi-stage process. Our concrete polishing contractors use a densifying chemical that hardens or densifies the surface of your concrete and closes the pores. This makes it easier for the concrete to accept a strong polish while strengthening it and reducing how much liquid it can absorb. The prep process for concrete polishing also involves repairing damage to your concrete like spalling, cracks, and stains.
    Next, the grinding process begins using a rough 20-grit disc that’s followed with successively finer products. We continue concrete grinding and polishing until we achieve the finish you want all the way up to 3000-grit. We can also incorporate decorative effects with stains and sawcutting for a completely unique, colorful, and eye-catching floor system.
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    Low Maintenance & Durable
    A polished concrete floor stands on its own in terms of maintenance and durability. Combined with its low cost and ability to last a lifetime, it’s no surprise it’s a popular choice for commercial properties as well as residential polished concrete floors.
    Polished concrete never needs to be waxed or treated with special cleaning products. It’s ultra resistant to damage including abrasion, impact, and even stains.
    Concrete Epoxy
    Concrete Epoxy Riverside
    Residential Polished Concrete Floors
    Polished concrete is often considered a commercial flooring system but it also has many benefits for homeowners. Polished concrete is the ultimate allergy- and pet-friendly floor system. It’s also easy to care for and a great investment because it can last a lifetime.
    A polished concrete basement floor can withstand flooding and water issues while turning a dark, cold space into a bright and finished living space. A polished concrete garage floor in Riverside resists stains from gas and oil and brightens the garage by up to 300%.
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    Unique Decorative Options
    In commercial and industrial applications, polished concrete is often left gray with a mirror-like finish to create a durable and low-care floor system. This isn’t the only style option when you polish concrete, however. New concrete can be colored with integral color and even decorative aggregate that’s exposed during the polished process. There are also plenty of options for existing concrete.
    A stained, polished concrete floor in Riverside, CA creates a sophisticated look that can work anywhere, from residential flooring to upscale hotel lobbies. Our concrete contractors can add your choice of stains and even saw cutting to add designs and patterns to your floor and a variety of color effects like vibrant solid colors and mottled effects. We can also polish concrete to your chosen sheen from matte to a high-gloss finish.
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    Question for Industrial Epoxy Flooring?Find your answer below
    Considering polished concrete for your home or business? Have questions about the process and benefits? Get answers to some common questions below and give us a call with any additional concerns.
    Will polished concrete floors crack?
    While all concrete eventually cracks, a polished concrete floor in Riverside isn’t at a higher risk of cracks than untreated concrete. Concrete can crack slightly after it’s installed and cured and over a period of years as it contracts and expands. The best way to guard against cracks is with careful preparation and skilled installation. You can expect your polished concrete floors to develop hairline cracks over time that can add character but they can be repaired if you do not like the appearance.
    Why should I consider polished concrete?
    There are many reasons to opt for a polished concrete floor. It transforms an existing concrete slab into a permanent and attractive finished floor system. It can last a lifetime with endless decorative options thanks to colorful stains. It can resist all types of damage with a less porous and stronger surface than regular concrete. It’s the perfect way to finish a basement, update a garage, or give a commercial property a durable and long-lasting floor solution.
    Will my polished concrete floors be slippery or unsafe?
    It’s easy to assume that polished concrete is slippery thanks to its mirror-like shine and smooth finish. The truth is polished concrete is completely safe and slip-resistant when clean and dry. We can also apply a skid-resistant coat to the floor to improve safety.