The garage is an area of most homes that serves as the main entry point into the rest of the house and sadly most homeowners feel as if the garage is also one of the ugliest or boring areas of their home. Do you feel the same way? Don’t worry you are not alone and we have just what you need to transform your garage in Riverside into the most stunning area of your home.
We are offering to our neighbors in Riverside amazingly affordable rates on all of our amazing garage floor coatings! We can turn your garage into an actual spectacle that will make your neighbors green with envy every time you open up your garage doors. If you want your garage floor to be worthy of being the first thing you see after a long day at work or even just a wonderful area to work in you need one of our floor coating options. Allow us to inform you on how one of our epoxy floor coatings can totally transform your garage today!
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    The Benefits Of Professionally Installed Flooring Systems
    Why You Need A Garage Floor Coating
    A garage floor coating can benefit you in countless ways, but to save us both some time we have taken all of the most popular and outlined them below:
    • Outstanding Durability
    • Chemical Resistance
    • Increased Home Value
    • Unlimited Design
    • Longer Lasting Concrete
    • Safer For The Environment
    • Fast Installation
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Affordable
    • Looks Amazing
    Garage Floor Epoxy Riverside

    You Can

    Trust Us
    Unlike other concrete contractors in Riverside, you can trust us, plain and simple! And unlike all of those other guys, we will always:
    • Make sure your job is done right, no matter the time or expense
    • Clean up after ourselves
    • Treat you with respect
    • Get the job done ASAP
    • Only use the highest grade materials
    • Follow all strict guidelines to prepare your concrete
    • We don’t want you to be a one time client, we want you to think of us as your one stop shop for all of your concrete coating needs!
    We Can Install or Repair Any Type Of Epoxy Floor
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    Types Of

    Epoxy Flooring
    No matter what your preferences are or what you desire, we will have a floor coating that can make even the most stuck up family member crack a smile. Since we offer so many different types of coatings, below we have outlined our most popular flooring options!
    Garage Floor Epoxy Riverside California
    Garage Floor Epoxy
    Garage floor epoxy has been one of the most popular types of coatings for good reason. The epoxy garage floor coating offers both superior durability and chemical resistance, both abilities that are a must for any garage floor. With a garage floor epoxy, you can even make the garage up to 300 percent brighter without the use of more lighting fixtures! This is because epoxy flooring can reflect light at high efficiency so light up an otherwise dim area with a garage floor epoxy!
    Polished Concrete
    Polished Concrete
    Polished concrete is for the homeowner that loves the look of bare concrete but wants a high level of sheen as well. With polished concrete, you won’t gain any strength to the concrete slab like an epoxy garage flooring system, but you will gain the same level of chemical resistance as they both use the same form of sealer, a urethane sealer. If you crave a simplistic but modern approach in your garage, you need a polished garage floor coating!
    Epoxy Garage Floor Coating
    Stained Concrete Finishes
    Acid stained concrete can provide some of the most exotic and unique finishes that are available on the market. With a stained concrete garage floor coating, you can have the appearance of natural stone or even the effects of marbling in your garage. With the help of stencils, your acid stained garage floor can even mimic the appearance of tile, wood or even pavers! We offer our stained concrete finish to clients who don’t want to spend an arm and leg on a stamped concrete overlay.
    Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor
    Metallic Epoxy
    Just like a stained concrete finish, the metallic epoxy flooring system can provide some effects that have been unheard of in flooring before its creation. Metallic epoxy flooring is very exclusive for its hard learning curve and expensive materials but the finished result is well worth it. With a metallic epoxy garage floor coating, your garage can look like there is lava flowing in your floor, appear like waves crashing into the beach, or even can appear as a cloudy day.
    Polished Concrete Riverside
    Sealed Concrete
    Sealed concrete is not to be confused with a polished concrete floor, they are very different. A polished concrete system shaves away actual layers of the concrete slab to achieve its aggregate finish as where concrete sealing consists of simply giving the concrete slab a deep cleaning and a nice coat of either urethane or acrylic sealer. This sealer can be either high or low sheen or an additive that replicate salt can even be applied to provide traction on the floor even when it is wet.
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