We understand that industrial facilities have strict requirements when it comes to flooring. You need a high-performance floor that can withstand even extreme conditions and heavy abuse without breaking down, posing a safety or health hazard, or becoming an eyesore. We offer a range of specialized industrial epoxy floor systems that can meet the specific demands of your facility.
Our industrial epoxy floor coatings in Riverside, California offer minimal maintenance, a low life cycle cost, and extreme durability to deliver a long-lasting floor system that will meet your needs.
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    Why Choose Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Riverside?
    Common Applications for Industrial Epoxy
    An industrial grade epoxy coating in Riverside, California can be customized to the needs of nearly any facility. We install ultra durable industrial epoxy flooring in a huge array of industries:
    • Factories
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Food processing facilities
    • Warehouses
    • Machine shops
    • Auto shops and dealerships
    • Aircraft hangars
    • Retail stores and shopping centers
    • Veterinary centers and kennels
    • Institutional facilities like prisons, jails, and military facilities
    Industrial Epoxy Flooring

    Extreme Chemical

    A concrete floor is very porous, absorbing water as well as solvents, acids, and alkalis that can cause damage and even contaminate the soil beneath the slab. Industrial epoxy is a protective barrier that protects the concrete from damage and offers excellent chemical resistance.
    Spills are isolated on the surface of the seamless epoxy so they can be contained and cleanup up. This makes industrial epoxy flooring in Austin, TX an ideal floor system for labs, medical centers, manufacturing plants, commercial kitchens, and more.
    We Can Install or Repair Any Type Of Epoxy Floor
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    Fast Installation Without Shutdown
    We understand that you can’t afford to shut down your facility for days or weeks for flooring installation. We specialize in quick cure industrial epoxy installation in Riverside to deliver a hardworking new floor that can be ready for foot traffic within one hour.
    We can even work within your limited schedule to install your entire floor whether this requires installing the coating on a slow day, working in sections, or using quick cure solutions to avoid total shutdown. Fast cure epoxy is often used to replace or install flooring for distribution centers, plants, and processing facilities with 24-hour operation.
    Industrial Epoxy Flooring Riverside
    Industrial Epoxy Flooring Riverside CA
    USDA Approved Epoxy Systems
    Industrial grade epoxy floor coatings in Riverside, California meet USDA standards for flooring in food and beverage facilities, including food processing plants, meat processing facilities, restaurants, and commercial kitchens.
    Industrial epoxy flooring is a high-performance and seamless system that prevents acids, oils, fats, chemicals, and more from seeping into the concrete or breeding mold, bacteria, and other microbes.
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    High Tensile Strength
    An industrial grade epoxy floor coating offers a superior bond to your concrete floor to actually increase the weight load of your concrete without sacrificing flexibility or increasing the risk of cracks, abrasion, or chips.
    Industrial epoxy can absorb impact with a far higher compressive strength than the concrete itself.
    Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating
    Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Riverside
    Slip Resistant Floors
    Safety is a top concern at your facility. You need a floor system that isn’t just durable and hard-working; it also needs to be safe to reduce workplace accidents. This is especially important if your facility has unique workplace hazards such as wet floors or involves the use of oils and chemicals.
    Epoxy flooring is already slip resistant but we offer customizable skid resistant additives ranging from mild to coarse in texture. This allows you to guard against slip and fall accidents even with water, chemicals, grease, plastic wrap, or powder on the floor.
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    Waterproof Epoxy Flooring
    You probably know just how devastating water damage can be in terms of property damage and facility shutdown. Our industrial epoxy in Riverside is a fully waterproof system that can be used anywhere moisture is an issue.
    Industrial grade epoxy floor coatings can even withstand frequent mopping, hosing, and even pressure washing. This makes epoxy flooring popular for food processing, kitchens, industrial mezzanines, locker rooms, facility break areas, restrooms, and more.
    Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Riverside CA
    Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating
    Customizable Appearance and Properties
    Who says industrial epoxy needs to be ugly or industrial-looking? The appearance of your epoxy floors in public areas can be customized with your choice of colors and effects. We can also customize your epoxy to reduce accidents behind the scenes.
    Many facilities can benefit from striping to mark pedestrian paths, work zones, forklift aisles, and hazards. You can even customize the properties of your epoxy flooring with a wide range of specialized industrial epoxy options. For example, your facility may benefit from electrostatic dissipation properties or a higher-than-average resistance to chemicals.
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    Question for Industrial Epoxy Flooring?Find your answer below
    Curious about our process for achieving stunning and flawless Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Riverside, California? Want to know if your Industrial Epoxy Flooring is a good candidate? Get started with these frequently asked questions and give us a call if you have additional concerns.
    What are the benefits of having an industrial epoxy floor?
    An industrial epoxy floor coating in Riverside can meet even the most stringent facility requirements and perform well against all types of hazards such as intense temperatures, vehicle traffic, heavy loads, and corrosive chemicals. It offers a seamless surface that’s easy to clean and sanitize, perfect for commercial kitchens and hospitals. With its hard-working and incredibly strong surface, it can withstand harsh conditions in factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and more without breaking down like other floor systems. It can also be applied quickly and be customized to the unique needs of your facility such as static control.
    Is industrial epoxy slippery?
    Epoxy certainly looks slippery but it’s actually fairly skid resistant, much like a basketball court. When dry and clean, industrial epoxy in Riverside, California is completely safe. It can become slippery when wet or dirty, however. To increase the slip resistance of your floor, we recommend adding a skid resistant additive to the topcoat.
    How strong is an industrial epoxy floor system?
    An industrial grade epoxy floor coating is a heavy-duty solution that’s able to withstand high impact, heavy loads, and other forms of stress. In terms of hardness, industrial epoxy flooring can have a Shore Hardness rating of Shore D 70-90. By comparison, the wheel of a shopping cart is around Shore D 50 and a construction hard hat is Shore D 75-80. Our industrial grade epoxy solutions also have a compressive strength of up to 10,000 PSI which is three times higher than regular concrete with a tensile strength of up to 3,500 PSI or 10 times stronger than concrete.