Are you looking for a way to save your existing concrete slab form the damage that plagues its surface, avoiding the draining process of having the entire slab replaced? Where you can feel as if replacing the slab is the only way to get back the structural integrity of the slab, longevity, and appearance, we offer our neighbors in Riverside an alternative to this long, expensive process. Our service is concrete resurfacing! Concrete resurfacing will restore the integrity of your slab while offering a simplistic and uniform appearance if you desire. You stand to gain benefits like:
  • Seamless & Durable Finish
  • Increased Service Life
  • Customization
  • Easy Maintenance
Just talking about a few of the benefits just isn’t enough to fully grasp concrete resurfacing. So down below, you will find everything you need to know about concrete resurfacing but for more information on our other services, take a look at our home page.
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    A Solution For All Settings
    Where Can Concrete Be Resurfaced?
    One of the key features of concrete resurfacing is that it is a versatile process that can be used nearly anywhere. Down below, you will find the most common areas we resurface concrete:
    • Driveways
    • Commercial Thresholds
    • Walkways
    • Commercial/Residential Garage Floors
    • Patios
    • Pool Decks
    • Warehouses
    • Concrete Floors
    • Basements
    • Kitchens
    Concrete Resurfacing
    The Process Of Concrete


    Here’s What Concrete Resurfacing Is All About
    So what is concrete resurfacing? Well, the process of concrete resurfacing involves an application of a thin layer of polymeric material that will coat the entire concrete slab and can be left bare, sealed or with a coating like epoxy flooring. Before the material is applied over the top of the concrete, the slab will first need to be prepared properly to promote a strong bond.
    To prepare the slab, we first profile the slab and this is done with a diamond wheel grinder or a shot blaster depending on the size of the setting. After the slab has been profiled, it is thoroughly cleaned with pressure washers or cleaners to remove stains before the material is applied, promoting the strongest possible bond, creating a stronger finish and a longer-lasting finish.
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    The Benefits Of Our

    Concrete Resurfacing Services
    Most home and business owners only know concrete resurfacing as a process that can make their concrete look better. But concrete resurfacing offers benefits that go far beyond its seamless and uniform finish so down below, we have outlined some of the best benefits that you stand to gain from resurfacing your concrete:
    Stronger Concrete
    One of the key features of a concrete resurfacing process is that the materials used to coat the concrete are stronger than the concrete itself. Our overlays offer a weight tolerance of up to 6,000 PSI with resistances to chemical damage when paired with our high-quality sealers. Down below, you will find a few more facts about our resurfacing process:
    • Protect From Impacts/Heavy Traffic
    • Increased Storage Capacity
    • Resist Scratches/Abrasions
    One of the biggest benefits that any homeowner stands to gain from resurfacing their concrete is the massive investment factors that are possible. Our services can help your concrete last longer and even increase the value of your home when you choose our professional installation! Down below, you will find a few of the investment factors that you stand to gain from resurfacing your concrete:
    • Increase Home Value Up To 5%
    • 70-75% ROI
    • Enables Concrete To Reach Full-Service Life
    A key feature in concrete resurfacing is the ability to choose a wide range of coatings to complement the newly finished surface. Our team will work with you to find the perfect material for both your needs and what you find attractive. Down below, you will find a few of the materials that we offer with our concrete resurfacing procedure:
    • Epoxy Flooring Systems
    • Wood Stamped Concrete
    • Concrete Sealers; Urethane/ Acrylic
    Compared To Replacing Concrete:After you take into consideration that your concrete will have to be removed, transported and new concrete will have to be brought to your home in a rented cement truck, the cost to replace your concrete can cost as much as 25,000 dollars for the average driveway. But with our concrete resurfacing services, we can save you tens of thousands of dollars, weeks of time and the mess that comes with replacing your concrete. Our resurfacing process starts between 3-5 dollars a sq ft.
    Easy Maintenance
    Here’s What To Expect When Maintaining Your Resurfaced Concrete:When paired with a sealer, maintaining your resurfaced slab will be fast, simple and affordable thanks to the sealer’s protection from stains. For regular maintenance, all you will need to do is sweep and mop the surface regularly and mop with a PH neutral cleaner when residues are left behind. To keep the sealer effective, make sure to replace the sealer every 1-3 years but, the sealer can last longer if protected by wax.
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