Pool Resurfacing


Pool Deck
When the pool season ends, start considering ways that you can improve the style and function of your pool as a whole. Your backyard landscape can be greatly impacted by the appearance of your pool because if it looks unwell, so will the rest of the area. Your pool plays a major part in how the rest of your home will be perceived, so if your pool is starting to show signs of aging, it could be time for an update. There is an incredible number of options for pool finishes and decoration, check the options below to see what sparks your interest.
Pool Deck Resurfacing
Marcite and aggregate effects are both popular choices for different types of pool plaster. Marcite gives your pool a white clean finish that is smooth to the touch. These can be a great addition to a pool that was previously white but is showing signs of aging. Marcite installation can be done through the resurfacing process. It is a reliable option when installing professionally, it will last a decade or more! Aggregate effects are popular because they give the pool a textured finish with different colors and patterns available. These are durable options that can use a combination of stones, pebbles, shell, and glass beads. Aggregate pool finishes offer a long lifespan, estimated between 15 to 20-years.
Tiled Pool Deck
Pool tiles offer pool owners a large range of colors and customizable options that can uniquely express their personality. Porcelain is the best material for a pool tile because it is the material that will last the longest! The truly best part about installing pool tiles is the ability to choose and arrange different colored tiles and all of the combinations that can make your pool look like a one of a kind destinations.
Pool Liner Replacement
Pool Liner
This is a good time to mention that quality cannot be put on the back burner with liners. If you’re going to install one it is better to pay more for one, then have to continuously replace it! This can provide your pool with a high-quality look for many years.
In Conclusion
Stamped Concrete Pool Deck
Pool resurfacing is the best option when you’re having issues with the appearance and feel of your pool. This is an area where you cannot wait to update because problems can progress and become much more expensive to repair. Do not worry, with professionally resurfaced pools, you will not need to worry about it again for a couple of decades!