6 Decorative Ways A Concrete Driveway Can Boost Your

Homes Curb Appeal

Stamped Concrete
During the spring and summer months, you should be considering how the outside of your home is affecting how others perceive it! Always treat your concrete outdoor space as if you are banking on its curb appeal and that starts with your driveway. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply update its appearance, the overall look will increase its value. Here are 6 recommendations to increase the appeal and value of your home!
Stamp it
Stamped Concrete Driveway
Your driveway should be unique to your home and what better way to do that then expressing your style and personality in the design! Stamping concrete driveways is an extremely popular choice because of the many design, texture, and pattern options that can be created. You can choose to imprint your fresh concrete surface with brick, stone, slate, and more patterns and textures to make your concrete appear to be something more expensive and less durable. With staining and coloring, your driveway can be made to look rustic and add character to the rest of your home!

  • The design options are endless
  • Your driveway can mimic other flooring systems
  • Create a high-end look out of resistant and long-lasting concrete
Texture Finish
Concrete Overlay
If you like subtle décor and don’t want anything loud or extremely noticeable, that is okay! This type of style is fantastic when it is done correctly. Contractors can create small detailed designs in concrete that add an artistic feel and look to the overall exterior of your home.
  • Provides surface with texture and contrast
  • Adds a layer of safety with slip-resistance
  • It is the most minimal cost for any decoration on exterior concrete
Complement the rest of your home
Stamped Concrete Overlay
If your home is a neutral color, if your home has a lot of bright colors, it doesn’t matter because your driveway should never distract from the architecture of the rest of your home. The appeal of your driveway should be leading up to the real star of the show, your home. Keep your driveway color schemes and designs in harmony with the rest of your home and your value will skyrocket.
  • Use neutral tones for your driveway’s colors
  • Use shapes more than colors for driveway designs
  • Always remember, your home is the true point to highlight
Upgrade and Update
Decorative Concrete Overlay
Don’t rip it out just because you don’t like the way it looks! If there aren’t serious structural issues with your driveway then do not rip the surface out! That is an expensive and long process that is truly unnecessary when you can simply resurface the area completely. Resurfacing rejuvenates your concretes looks and sparks life back into the surface. You can finish the resurfacing with completely new designs and colors that make your old slab look and feel like a new young one.
  • Stamp it to produce brick, stone, or other material appearances
  • Add new color and shine with coatings
  • Save time, money, and make a green footprint
Get to a point
Decorative Concrete Driveway
Give your driveway a distinctive personality by adding some concrete tattoos! Add a custom design to be installed on your driveway surface to bring people’s attention away from the concrete itself and to a picture that complements your home.
  • Add a unique design to make your concrete stand out
  • Ensure that the logo aids in the representation of your home
  • This makes the concrete look fresh and increases property value
Don’t Stop
Stamped Concrete Patio
If you have more than just one section of the outside of your home that is concrete, don’t stop! Budget out a way to ensure that all of the concrete on the exterior portion of your home matches, complements, and aids in the property raising value of your home.
  • Redo the walkway and patio area
  • Increase style with added color schemes
  • Create safe walking spaces leading from your driveway to your front door