Epoxy Flooring
Anytime anyone has heard of epoxy floors it is typically referring to a garage floor, a basement floor, or an industrial concrete floor, but here we are discussing the many different design options for homes using epoxy for their floors. Epoxy floor coatings are used for interior designs in homes and businesses that create expressive artistic designs, making the areas unique and very eye-catching. Aside from being artistically beneficial, epoxy coatings can be used to fix uneven floors, create beautiful floors, offer an unlimited amount of colors. The epoxy allows designers imagination to run wild and create designs that are one of a kind without breaking your bank account.
Epoxy Floor Coating
As humans, eventually, we always want a little bit of change and that is not weird or uncommon. Use epoxy flooring materials to change your home! With different designs, styles, and colors, you can have an incredible floor. Some epoxy floors even have logos embedded in the artwork, anything you need, epoxy can provide. You can install your epoxy floor coatings in so many places, this coating is awesomely versatile, it allows concrete floor owners and interior designers to truly be creative in every room.
  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Showrooms
  • Retail shops
White Flooring:
White Epoxy
Don’t be scared to get your floors dirty with a white epoxy floor! Epoxy floors are resistant to staining and to damage, so the color of the floor won’t affect the amount of durability the floor has. Epoxy floors are nonporous surfaces and will not absorb oils, liquids, grease, or anything else that would spill on the surface.
  • Epoxy floors are resistant to staining, impact, and oils
  • White epoxy floors are just as easy to clean as other floors
  • White epoxy floors are great for any area you want a resin floor.
Designs with logos:
If you’re a business looking for a unique flooring system that resembles you and your work, epoxy floors are the way to go. Business owners can incorporate brand colors and logos into their floors. Letting customers see your brand and logo as they enter is a great way to boost business interest.
  • Logos are great to ensure customers return
  • Brand colors help your business flourish
  • There are unlimited amounts of colors and designs
Bedroom Epoxy Floors:
Custom Epoxy Flooring
You can design a child’s room in any color they want, with different pictures, and 3D illusions with epoxy floors. This is a great option for young children who are prone to spilling liquids and for teenagers prone to dropping the wrong items on the floors! This is a great option because epoxy floors are extremely easy to clean and are resistant to damage.
  • Resistant to damages caused by children
  • Long-lasting
  • Create easily cleanable floors for parents
Epoxy floors can be used to include different colors and designs that make your children’s rooms standout, your kitchens indestructible, and your living rooms one of a kind. If you’re in the market for a fun way to customize and design your floors, epoxy floor coatings are the best way to go.