Garage Floor Epoxy
Contrary to the past, your garage floor no longer needs to look or feel standard! Garage floors do not have to be dull, grey, and boring. Your residential garage floors can be made-new with different flooring solutions that all benefit you and your garage for different reasons. Don’t have a specific idea for your garage? Don’t worry! We have plenty below for you and your dream garage floor. Below you’re going to find some floors that are better installed by professionals, some floors that would do fine with a DIY, and some floors that will blow your mind. The decision between the flooring materials truly comes down too, what do you want? Is there something you want to do or accomplish in your garage on your garage floor that one material will better suit than another?
Interlocking Tiles
Garage Floor Epoxy
Typically, these flooring materials are made from strong and resistant vinyl or rubber that offer different colors for patterns and designs. These floors provide you with plenty of versatility and durability. This is a great option if your garage has pesky cracks and blemishes that need to be hidden. Combine different colors to create unique patterns that make your garage truly stick out. These floors have a $1.90 per square foot price tag and around $3.00 for harder tiles.
  • Plastic interlocking tiles and quick to install.
  • They are portable, just in case you move and want to take your incredible new garage look with you.
  • They’re easy to design into patterns
  • No adhesive is required for these tiles
  • They help with sound and insulation
  • There can be cracks between certain tiles that leave your concrete underneath vulnerable to damage if it is not properly sealed
  • If your tiles are too smooth, they may not be impervious to slippage.
  • These floors require maintenance over time in heavily used garages.
Peel and Stick Tiles
Garage Floor Epoxy
These are a great option for a garage floor that is perfect, perfectly imperfect, just perfect! Without cracks or weird height issues, these heavy-duty tiles are quick and easy to install. These are another option for those of you who enjoy spicing up a garage floor with color and patterns.
  • These tiles are extremely affordable
  • This is a flooring that can be installed quickly
  • Even though they are low in the price they are extremely durable
  • They offer versatility in look and design
  • They can be slippery if oils or grease get wet on your floors
  • They will require some more maintenance as they wear
  • For highly used garages their durability has been questioned
Garage Floor Paint
Garage Floor Epoxy
Most other garage floor flooring installations are advised to be done by professionals; however, paint is one of those products that can be handled by an experienced amateur. This is a simple process; most manufacturers and DIY kits have thorough instructions in the best way to apply paint. When you have paint you want to apply to your garage floor don’t forget to fill cracks and clean your floors thoroughly.
  • This is an inexpensive way to improve the look of your garage floor
  • Different colors can be applied
  • It can be a quick process
  • Paint can be installed without a professional’s help
  • Paint does not protect your concrete from impact damages
  • Paint needs to be checked for VOCs
  • It is not a durable decision
  • These floors will require reapplication on a consistent schedule
Epoxy Garage Floor Coating
Garage Floor Epoxy
Don’t worry, epoxy floor coatings are on it! These are the best of the best for highly used garages to not so used garages. A garage epoxy floor is tough to damage and long-lasting because of its resin and hardener blend that cures with your concrete creating a strong and resistant surface.
  • Epoxy floors come in different colors and pattern options
  • They are fire, slip, and stain resistant
  • These floors are antimicrobial
  • Impact and scratches will not damage your concrete floors
  • Nontoxic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Epoxy floors should always be installed by professionals
  • These flooring materials require preparation before installation can begin
  • Epoxy, if it is not installed by a professional, can become very slippery
  • These coatings are not simple to remove
Garage Floor Stain
Garage Floor Epoxy
The final benefit that we will be covering today is garage floor epoxies amazing investment factors. This is one of the main reasons why residential homes are rapidly making the switch to garage epoxies. From adding value to your home and even adding more life to your concrete there are also downsides of using epoxy all of which you can find down below!
  • Creates a beautiful surface
  • Staining provides a lot of earth tone color options
  • This is a process that can never be mimicked by another garage floor
  • Will not chip or peel
  • This is a pretty permanent decision, you’re tattooing your garage floor
  • The colors you choose are restricted to earth tones
  • It will draw the attention of anyone looking to the imperfections on the floor
  • This is not a DIY type of flooring installation
The bottom line is if you want a luxury flooring system installed in your garage without having to dig deep into your savings, there is only one option that outshines the rest, garage floor epoxy! Now that you know everything there is to a garage epoxy, we wish you well on all of your home improvement projects to come!