Rustic Wood Flooring V.S.

Traditional Flooring

When you’re attempting to show a true comparison between traditional flooring and epoxy flooring it is important to show all of the great and all of the poor aspects of all floors. Below we will compare how the more traditional flooring options compete and fall short when compared to rustic wood flooring.
Tile VS Rustic Wood Flooring:
Tile flooring has created a great cover for itself that has last for many years, the cover is the assumption customers make about the maintenance and durability of tile flooring. Are tiles more durable and resistant than carpet? Yes, of course; however, tile floors are susceptible to damages from impact and stains. A tile floor is not antimicrobial and can hold onto debris that creates an unattractive and dirty surface that becomes increasingly difficult to clean. These floors are highly porous and become very slippery when wet. Not only are tile floors truly unsanitary or time, but they can be extreme safety hazards.
Carpet VS Rustic Wood Flooring:
Carpet floors have the advantage of being well known over the years and highly used in residential and commercial settings. Carpet flooring offers a much more limited living and business situation than a rustic wood flooring system does, for example, carpet floors are not ideal for areas with pets, children, or high foot-traffic because they stain and hold onto residue. Carpet floors are an expensive option that continues to increase over the years due to its need to be cleaned and maintained on a much more regular basis.
Hard Wood VS Rustic Wood Flooring:
Wood has been used in residential and commercial settings for over 50-years but just because somethings been done the exact same way doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Rustic wood is a highly improved way to still get the traditional wood flooring look and feel while also still being much more resistant and affordable over time. Rustic wood floors do not require long-term waxes, special cleaners, or treatments that do begin to break the bank as time goes on. Real wood is also delicate and should not be in a home where items may be dropped, an area where children or pets are present, or in a space that sees continuous foot traffic due to possible fatigue.
Rustic Wood Flooring:
This new and improved flooring system truly does offer it all for home and business owners seeking a traditional flooring system. With little to no maintenance, rustic wood floors create a beautiful area that truly encourages and welcomes everyone who enters. Rustic wood floors offer a strong, durable, customizable, and unique flooring solution that cannot be duplicated with any other flooring system.