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    Epoxy Flooring RIVERSIDE, CA

    We are one of the industry-leading pool deck resurfacing and repair companies in California. We are proud to be serving our neighbors in Menifee. All of our contractors have been thoroughly vetted to ensure that you are only receiving the best in terms of craftsmanship. We employ cutting-edge tools, equipment, and techniques concrete resurfacing and repair projects. When you put your trust in our company, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best.
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    Pool Deck Resurfacing

    pool deck repair
    If you have a concrete pool deck, then you’re no stranger to the effects that aging has on concrete. After years of wear and tear, your deck may become damaged, faded, and worn. You may simply be tired of the look of your pool deck as well. Whatever the reason, it may be time for a change. Don’t waste your time and money on an expensive deck replacement when your pool deck can be resurfaced to fix any damage or give you the change you’ve been looking for. We offer many various options in the realm of concrete resurfacing to suit any of your design needs.
    We offer complete pool deck resurfacing services for all of our neighbors in Menifee, California. We will use your existing concrete to apply a new surface material that will give your pool deck a breath of new life. With the most affordable prices in the area, we can help you with all of your pool deck resurfacing needs!
    Our pool deck resurfacing options

    What We Can Do

    From concrete overlays to pavers we can find a resurfacing option to suit your needs and design. Our skilled professionals have all the experience and knowledge to install a wide variety of pool deck resurfacing options. Below, are some of the various options that we provide for our clients in Menifee.
    stamped concrete pool deck

    Stamped Concrete Overlays

    If you want an affordable, yet elegant solution to your resurfacing project, a stamped concrete overlay may be the best choice for you. These surface coatings are applied slightly thicker than other overlays to allow for the stamping process. With a stamped concrete overlay, you can have the appearance of flagstone, brick, or even wood for your pool deck at a fraction of the cost! The customization options are nearly endless when it comes to stamped overlays. Whatever your design plan is, we can find a stamp for you!
    acrylic pool deck resurfacing


    If you’d rather have the real thing instead of a concrete overlay, our paver resurfacing option is for you! We will install the paver of your choice directly over your old, worn concrete. As long as your concrete is in good structural condition, it can be a good candidate for our paver resurfacing option. We can install all types of pavers including brick, concrete, and stone, with a wide array of patterns for a unique pool area.

    KOOL Deck Coatings

    Cool Deck systems provide the ability to offer various colors, textures, and designs that can be added to many old or new concrete pool deck surfaces. Pool decks are known for getting hot in the sun. The last thing you want is to burn your feet when trying to enjoy a hot summer day by the pool. A Cook Deck surface stays cooler than typical gray concrete, exposed aggregate, pavers, or tile. With this beneficial feature, you can enjoy your pool deck safely for years to come!
    pool deck resurfacing Riverside

    Acrylic Coatings

    One of the more affordable options is an acrylic pool deck coating. These coatings are a versatile and attractive solution for your resurfacing needs. We apply a thin coating of acrylic or a polymer concrete with acrylic resin over your existing concrete. This gives your pool deck a new texture and color while hiding any repairs and fine cracks. Acrylic is also highly resistant to fading from exposure to the sun and standard pool chemicals. Our experienced technicians will help you create a custom look with your newly resurfaced pool deck with the myriad of colors and textures available!

    Stained Pool Decks

    If your pool deck doesn’t have any major damage and you’re just looking for a change of scenery, staining your pool deck can be an excellent, cost-efficient solution! Custom stains can be an excellent method for giving your pool deck a fresh, new look. Our concrete stains can be either water-based or acid-based. Water-based stains come in a variety of vibrant colors while acid-based stains come in mostly earth tones. Our concrete resurfacing experts can find a stain that works for you and your pool deck!
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    Pool Deck Repair
    In Menifee, California
    If you want to resurface your concrete pool deck, you’ll need to have any damage repaired prior to applying the coating you want. Luckily, our experts have all the skills to repair your pool deck!
    As we mentioned, before we apply a resurfacing material, our highly-trained team will start with any repairs and preparation of your pool deck. The most common form of damage that we see cracks.
    All concrete will crack eventually and if these cracks aren’t addressed, they will grow larger. This will cause major structural damage to your pool deck over time. Hairline cracks don’t need to be repaired prior to resurfacing the concrete, but other cracks will need repairing or they may show through the coating or stain.
    They could even cause the coating to crack in the same place if left unrepaired. Our team of experts will have your concrete looking great and ready to resurface in no time!
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    concrete pool deck
    pool deck resurfacing options
    Benefits of Epoxy
    Pool Deck Resurfacing
    Citizens of Menifee can have many benefits to enjoy from a pool deck resurfacing project.
    Resurfacing your pool deck will allow you to have a more attractive space that you can enjoy for years!
    Here are some of the many benefits of having your pool deck professionally resurfaced:
    • Restore your pool deck to a like-new condition.
    • There are many options to fit your budget and style
    • Add slip-resistant texture for a safer pool deck.
    • Much more affordable than a full replacement.
    • Achieve the look of high-end materials for a fraction of the price.
    • Hide unsightly damage or discoloration of your pool deck.
    • When professionally installed, cleaning and maintenance are much easier.
    • Protect your feet with a cool deck coating that keeps your deck cooler
    • A resurfaced pool deck will add years to your pool deck’s lifespan.
    • Create a safer environment by repairing and covering dangerous cracks that can create trip hazards.
    • Have a more structurally sound concrete pool deck.
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      Do you have any questions about our pool deck resurfacing services? Find the answers below

      If you have any additional questions that aren’t listed below, feel free to give us a call! One of our trusted representatives will get back to your shortly to help.
      How long does pool deck resurfacing take?
      The time it takes to complete your pool deck resurfacing project will depend on a few different factors. The first being the extent of the repairs that need to be made prior to the resurfacing. We will need to fill all major cracks with an injectable epoxy filler to prevent them from spreading. Simple repairs will normally take as little as a single day to finish while more extensive repairs can take up to five days to finish. The resurfacing material that you chose will also affect the completion time. Some materials require more preparations than others, which will increase the timeframe. Our goal is to ensure that your resurfacing is a success that you can enjoy for the foreseeable future so we will take the time to be sure everything is correct.
      What is the process for pool deck resurfacing?
      Though there are many methods available to resurface a pool deck, the most common is with a concrete overlay. First, we will need to remove any existing coating from the pool deck. Otherwise, we will move on to the repair phase. We will inspect your pool deck for any damage that needs to be addressed and repair accordingly to ensure you have no more problems with your deck. This will also ensure a smooth finish. We can then begin grinding the concrete to ensure proper adhesion of the new coating material. Once this is finished, we will apply a bonding agent that assists in creating a proper bond between the concrete and coating.
      Next, we will install the overlay, which is troweled to a smooth finish and allowed to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before sealing the deck. The last step is the application of the sealer, which will cure in a few hours after application.
      How long will my newly resurfaced pool deck last?
      Depending on the current state of your concrete, our repair methods and coating materials are proven to make your concrete pool deck last anywhere from 10 to 20 years longer than it would have if left untreated. Concrete overlays will provide the most benefit in extending the longevity of your pool deck as they add an extra layer of protection over the existing concrete.
      How much does pool deck resurfacing cost?
      Keep in mind that every job is different and there are many factors that can affect the cost of resurfacing your pool deck. However, the average cost for the repairing and resurfacing of a concrete pool deck is roughly $4 per square foot for a textured surface and $5 per square foot for masonry style patterns. It’s worth noting that a full pool deck replacement is typically three times more than the average cost of resurfacing.
      To get the most out of your newly resurfaced pool deck consider the following factors:
      • Sealants- Sealing your resurfaced concrete pool deck is essential to ensuring that it lasts long and functions well.
      • Installation- Resurfacing concrete on your own can be challenging and can go wrong quickly. Our professional services will guarantee that you receive the highest quality craftsmanship around.
      • Proper Maintenance- Keeping your pool deck clean and maintained is imperative if you want it to last more than a couple of years.
      • Material Quality- The quality of material directly affects how long your pool deck will last and how well it functions. We only work with high-quality materials.