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Garage Floor Concrete
Garage owners are starting to catch on, naked concrete is not long-lasting, not without properly installed protection. Good thing there are a lot of different options! Some materials are better suited for what you’re looking for than others, so it is important to know what you will be exposing your garage floor too before installing a floor cover. We’re going to go over some of the more popular flooring options that turn your garage into a beautiful space that can be used for whatever you need it for.
Types of Garage Floors
Garage Floor Coating
Coatings and coverings are the two main types of garage flooring options. Both are fantastic options and they both offer great benefits, each one’s ability to perform depends heavily on what you want your floors to be able to withstand.

Both will enhance the look and feel of your floors and will transform your space into a beautiful one without breaking the bank.

Garage Floor Coatings
Garage Floor Coatings
Typically, coatings are applied to concrete surfaces that have little to no moisture and are also damage-free, meaning, free of cracks and functional issues. To properly apply any coating and ensure that it is cost-effectively enhancing your garage area, make sure that your floors are clean and dry. So, what are the most popular garage floor coatings?
Garage Floor Epoxy
Garage Floor Epoxy
The most popular option for many different reasons and benefits. Epoxy floor coatings create beautiful floors that are aesthetically different and incredibly resistant. These coatings are best applied by professionals to ensure that it is cost-effective. These floors are:
  • Resistant to staining, scratching, and impact
  • Diverse in colors, textures, designs, and patterns
  • Long-lasting and extremely low maintenance
Concrete Floor Paint
Garage Floor Paint
One of the least durable options but if you aren’t storing chemicals, heavy equipment, or using your space as a workshop, paint can be a great way to enhance the look of your floors when you’re on a budget. Different color options provide rustic or elegant finishes for your floors. Even though these paints are stronger than the ones you would apply to your walls, they are still weaker than an epoxy floor coating and need to be reapplied often.
  • Budget-friendly option if you’re not spending a lot of time in your garage
  • Offers an unlimited amount of colors
  • Is easy to apply and can be done on your own
Concrete Sealer
Concrete Sealer
Sealers can be considered tougher floor paint. They penetrate your concretes pores but protect it from water, oils, and vehicle fluid damages. The downside to sealers is that they enhance the concrete color by creating a glossy coat, so if there are stains left behind, they will be very noticeable
  • Sealers are strong and create a resistant barrier to elongate your concretes lifespan
  • They can be applied much like paints and do not require a professional’s help
  • There must be a primer of some sort to have the sealer cure properly
Concrete Stains
Stained Concrete
This is an easy, permeant, and affordable way to brighten your garage space. With stained garage concrete floors, you can have a floor that will not spall, crack, or peel away because the colors become part of the concrete surface. Concrete stained floors offer long-term beauty and so much more, like:
  • Concrete stains are long-lasting
  • This is a budget-friendly option
  • Stains are great for garages that aren’t going to be super messy
Garage Floor Coverings
Garage Floor Coverings
Coverings have their benefits and advantages! It is always important to remember, the benefits each of these garage floor enhancing options offer are only beneficial if they serve your wants and needs. Coverings are great for floors that have unforgiving stains, or cracks that simply need to be out of sight and out of mind, and so on.
Snap Tiles
Garage Floor Snap Tiles
Tiles that snap together and are placed down create a puzzle-like look for most garage floors. Tiles are great for areas that may experience impact or heavy loads as well as floors that simply don’t look so great. If you live in an area where temperatures fluctuate, you may want to consider floor coverings as a garage flooring option! These can:
  • Enhance your floors with different patterns and colors
  • Give flexibility on how the floors are used
  • Be soft and forgiving or tough and rigid, depending on what you want and need
Peel and Stick Tiles
Garage Floor Tiles
These types of tiles need floors that are level and have very little cracks or structural issues. These are easy to install, long-lasting, and considered very heavy-duty. Before installing, just like everything else, it is important to ensure that your concrete is clean! These peel and stick tiles will create an awesome garage floor but if they can’t properly attach then the situation can become very expensive.
  • They come in different colors
  • These can be self-installed
  • Are great for garages that are simply used for car parking purposes
Roll-out Garage Flooring
Garage Floor Mat
Floor coverings that can easily be rolled out are fun, economical, and easy for a DIY project! They are made for heavy-duty use and should be installed in garages that double as a car parking area and a workspace, however, these floors can be damaged by sharp objects like kickstands for example.
  • This option is extremely convenient
  • There is little to no prep work involved
  • They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors