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Metallic epoxy floors are some of the most beautiful floors any could ever install in their homes, garages, basements, or businesses. These are unique floors that offer a 3D illusion by manipulating pigmentation in the epoxy floor coating. These floors cannot be redone or mimicked, so you will be the only one to ever have that flooring design. Epoxy floors are already strong and resistant but metallic floors are 100% epoxy, this makes them the strongest and most resilient flooring option. So, how do you get these floors on your concrete floors? It is highly suggested that metallic epoxy coatings be applied by experienced professionals with special craftsmanship to their name. floors like metallic epoxy floors are true works of art that should never be a DIY project; however, we know that there are some out there that will attempt such a task, find below the general steps you should take when installing a metallic epoxy flooring system.
Prepare your substrate:
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Just like every other type of coating or paint installation system, your floors need to be clean and flat. Once all of the cracks, spalling, and damaged areas have been repaired and the previous paints, coatings, or sealants have been removed, it is time to grind your concrete. Grinding your concrete surface is the next step and applying your primer as well. It is important to note here that epoxy floors are extremely sensitives to deficiencies in your concrete, cleaning and wiping are extremely important parts of your metallic epoxy flooring installation process.
The Metallic System:
Before you apply your metallic coating on your floors, it is highly recommended to blackout the substrate to enhance the coloring, the shine, and the overall 3D appearance of your concrete floor. Once the black background is fully dry, it is time to apply your metallic coating! Mix all of your components slowly and methodically, the resin, hardener, and metallic coloring.
Apply your system:
Methods and final textures are truly up to the applier, which is why it is highly suggested that professionals do the installing. Different colors can be added one at a time or multiple colors at a time, but all colors should be mixed and ready to go in their own space, do not mix your metallic epoxy colors. Check with the instructions and the manufacturer’s suggestions on how much per square foot you should be installing. You should ensure that you are spreading the mixture evenly and uniformly with a squeegee or roller.
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Not all clear resin will work and not all metallic pigmentation mixes with every epoxy resin. It is important to purchase products that have been formulated to avoid disaster. Better yet, call a professional if a properly installed and long-lasting epoxy floor is what you want.