Are you looking for a new flooring system for your industrial facility? Tired of mediocre flooring systems flooding your vision? We offer a flooring system that outperforms the rest with ease. We know how harsh the environment can be in an industrial facility so we wouldn’t waste your time with a flooring system that wouldn’t be able to provide astonishing performance for decades in your facility. Our floor coating that can vastly improve the performance and even safety of your facility is the industrial epoxy flooring system. Heres how our flooring outperforms the rest:
  • Superior Durability and Weight Tolerance
  • Unmatched Chemical And Stain Resistance
  • Decades Of Service Life!
No longer will your facility receive barebones flooring just to get by, our flooring systems are here to stay! Ready to learn more about our advanced industrial epoxy floor coatings? We have all the information you need about industrial epoxy flooring and what it can do for you down below!
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    Is Industrial Epoxy Trusted?
    Facilities That Already Trust Our Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings
    Industrial epoxy flooring has no limitations to how it can be used. As a matter of fact, industrial epoxy is one of the most used industrial flooring options on the market. Here are the facilities that strictly use industrial epoxy:
    • Manufacturing Plants
    • Airports
    • Car Dealerships
    • Warehouses
    • Machine shops
    • Factories
    • Industrial Auto Shops
    • Prisons/Jails
    • Cold Storage Facilities
    • Shopping Centers
    industrial epoxy flooring Riverside

    How Long Does

    Industrial Epoxy Take To Install?
    We know that time is money in the industrial world so what good is flooring that absolutely requires a total shutdown of your facility? The good news is that with an industrial epoxy floor coating is that you have options when it comes to installing the flooring system, like:
    • We offer a quick cure epoxy flooring system that will be ready for light duty in as little as one hour so you can still have the seamless and uniform surface of an epoxy flooring ASAP
    • If you don’t want quick cure epoxy, we can even work in sections around your facility. This will, in turn, take longer and the flooring may have seams
    • Don’t mind the wait? A standard industrial epoxy floor on average takes around 4 days to complete. This includes the 72 hour cure time required for the epoxy to fully set.
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    How An Industrial Epoxy Floor

    Could Improve Your Industrial Facility
    Now that you know what facilities that our industrial epoxy flooring can benefit and how fast we can install your epoxy, it is only fitting that we tell you how our industrial epoxy floor coating is able to transform your industrial facility into a safer and more efficient workplace. Here are the most popular benefits of an industrial epoxy floor:
    industrial epoxy floor coating
    Increased Performance
    Here is what an industrial epoxy floor can do for your facility in terms of performance:
    • Industrial has a much larger weight and impact tolerance than standard concrete flooring with a 25,000 PSI tolerance for epoxy and a measly 3,500 PSI tolerance for concrete
    • Epoxy can even protect your concrete from a wide array of dropped objects, heavy vehicle/foot traffic or even daily wear and tear
    • Industrial strength epoxy flooring is it won’t become delaminated from vibrations from heavy machinery
    industrial grade epoxy floor coating
    Improved Safety
    Here is how an industrial strength epoxy floor coating can make your facility safer:
    • Epoxy has been tested and proven to make any area it is placed in up to 300 percent brighter without the help from additional lighting sources thanks to its superior light reflectivity
    • Thanks to the light reflectivity, it also makes objects on the flooring much easier to spot and remove
    • Epoxy is also slip and skid resistant, even when wet with our additive that will give the epoxy texture
    industrial epoxy floor coating contractors
    Superior Resistance
    Unlike other flooring systems, the list of resistances of industrial epoxy can go on for miles! Here are the resistances that benefit your facility the most:
    • Our industrial epoxy floor coating is watertight so you won’t have to worry about any water-related damage or even mold and mildew
    • Epoxy flooring is even resistant to fire and even electrical related damage
    • It is even the most chemical resistant flooring on the market and will even isolate chemicals on its surface for easy cleanup
    industrial epoxy floor covering
    Easy Maintenance
    • Industrial epoxy flooring is extremely simple to maintain as you just use a soft bristle broom to remove all materials and a standard wet mop to finish the job
    • The simple maintenance makes it easy for your employees to clean the flooring so they can focus on the task at hand instead of hours of maintenance
    • Deep cleaning/pressure washing is only to be done when necessary, not regularly
    floor epoxy industrial
    • Business owners love industrial epoxy as when it is properly maintained it can last anywhere from 20-30 years!
    • Because of the long service life of epoxy flooring, the life cycle cost of epoxy flooring is even cheaper than traditional concrete flooring!
    • The only way to make sure your epoxy last decades like it should is to have a professional install the flooring system, so give us a call today for a free quote!
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