Garage floor coatings are known for not needing extensive deep cleans or expensive waxes and cleaners; however, occasionally, your floors will need some type of care. Nothing can last without a little bit of care and management and that includes durably long-lasting floor coatings. Coatings keep your garage floor from stains, wear and tear, dust, and damage by chemicals, so it is little surprise to learn about how to maintain such a coating.
We suggest the following ways to care for your garage floor coatings:
  • Always use a soft cloth or wipe to clean any spills, oil drips, vehicle fluids, etc. It is important to never allow liquids or chemicals to sit on the surface
  • The easiest way to maintain a clean and bright surface is to use both mops and cleaners
  • For heavy cleaning sessions, it is important to always consult a professional. For some floors, it is possible to use a mop with warm to hot water and ammonia. Four ounces of ammonia per gallon of water. As a side note, always consult the technician who installed your floors before using cleaners that are new to you including ammonia mixtures.
  • In areas where salt treatments are common on roads, epoxy floors may need a bit of extra cleaning with hot water and a harder brush. This is for floors that become dim from constant exposure to winter road treatments.
  • Stains may require harder scrubbing but do not ever use cleaners that are high in soap or acidity. Some strong cleaning chemicals can begin to break down your floors if they are scrubbed into the surface.
  • Hosing down your floors is completely acceptable if possible.
  • Acid and soap-based cleaners are highly advised against. High soap content cleaners leave residue on your shiny epoxy floor that creates a dull surface. Acid-based cleaners breakdown the surface of the floor.
  • Before rolling or moving furniture or heavy objects it is important to give the floors a good wash and/or sweep.
The aforementioned suggestions are just that, suggestions. Sometimes your floors have unique needs and want so it is important to consult with a professional. It is possible to overclean your floors, many epoxy floor owners believe maintaining floors means cleaning them constantly, and that is just not the case with these floors. Coatings that are overly cleaned will dull prematurely and appear to build up residue from constant exposure to floors cleaners. For more information on how to clean your floors, call a professional today