Tired of a dusty, dark garage that’s little more than a dirty storage space? With an epoxy garage floor, your garage can become anything you like. Imagine opening your garage door to a beautiful car showroom with a brilliant floor or your own personal workshop with a bright, clean floor that makes it easy to enjoy your hobbies. Garage floor epoxy in Riverside can transform your garage with a seamless floor system built to withstand anything, including hot tire pick up, gas and oil spills, dropped tools, and water. As one of the leading garage floor epoxy companies in Riverside, CA, we offer a cost-effective way to give you a garage you didn’t know was possible.
Ready to turn your garage into something more than a dark and damp space to hide your car? Get a beautiful garage you’ll be proud to show off to the neighbors with an epoxy garage floor in Riverside, CA.
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    Why Choose an Epoxy Garage Floor?
    Decorative garage floor built tough
    You have many options for finishing your garage concrete but nothing quite compares to garage floor epoxy. Here are some of the benefits an epoxy garage floor coating offers.
    • Resists hot tire damage, abrasion, and wear
    • Resistant to stains
    • Increases garage brightness by 300%
    • Fast installation in 1-2 days
    • Economical flooring
    • Protects the concrete
    • Seamless and simple to clean
    • Customizable appearance
    Floor Epoxy

    Why Choose Professional

    Garage Floor Epoxy?
    You have probably seen DIY epoxy garage floor kits in stores and thought, why not? These kits are affordable and seem like an easy weekend project to give your garage an attractive epoxy coating. Just remember you get what you pay for. DIY garage epoxy kits are generally diluted and water-based products that aren’t applied to a prepared surface. If you’re lucky, the results will look good but they won’t last more than 1 or 2 years.
    A professional epoxy garage floor is an industrial-grade product installed on concrete floor prepped with concrete grinding. It doesn’t just look better; it also offers superior performance and can last 10 to 20 years. Here’s why an epoxy garage floor installed by a professional is a real investment.
    • We prep your floor. A DIY kit may have a mild acid wash designed to prep the surface but this isn’t enough to ensure a good bond between the concrete and epoxy. We repair damage to your floor then use diamond grinding to remove irregularities and stains, profile the surface, and open the pores for long-lasting results.
    • We use industrial-grade epoxy products. A professional epoxy garage floor is made from thick solvent-based epoxy systems with 100% solids. This allows the floor to resist hot tire pick up, oil spills, impact, and wear and tear. DIY epoxy kits are typically made with a water-based, thin product with 30-40% solids.
    • Our epoxy garage floor installers deliver a finished floor in 1-2 days. With an epoxy kit, you may need 3 days for the installation plus up to 7 days for the floor to dry. A professional epoxy garage floor in Riverside, CA is installed in 1-2 days and fully cures in just a couple of days
    • We deliver long-term performance. DIY garage epoxy isn’t designed to last long. It’s thin and has a low solid content which means it will wear down, delaminate, chip, and become stained in no time. Our garage floor epoxy contractors in Riverside deliver beautiful results that can last 10-20 years and withstand almost any type of abuse.
    We Can Install or Repair Any Type Of Epoxy Floor
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    Epoxy Garage Floor

    Style Options
    Did you know garage epoxy is one of the most versatile floor systems you can choose for your garage? Get the look you want from vibrant to neutral with a range of color, finish, and pattern options.
    Garage Floor Epoxy Riverside
    Granite Flake Epoxy
    One of the most popular options for an epoxy garage floor in Riverside is a flake epoxy floor system. This type of epoxy floor creates the look of granite with multi-color flecks on a neutral base color. The epoxy flakes we broadcast over your floor don’t just add visual interest; they also create an even safer non-skid surface.
    Unlimited Colors
    Unlimited Colors
    You can choose an epoxy garage floor coating in just about any color you imagine from neutral, understated colors like beige, bright white, and gray to vibrant colors like magenta, lime green, and candy apple red. You can choose a single color, a multi-colored pattern like stripes or geometric shapes, or add more design elements with flake epoxy or a metallic epoxy garage floor.
    Epoxy Garage Floor Riverside
    Quartz Epoxy
    Our industrial-grade quartz epoxy garage floor system offers the ultimate in durability. Quartz epoxy isn’t just tough; it’s also vibrant and sophisticated. We add quartz granules of your choice to add texture, color, and increased resistance to an epoxy floor system. This achieves a stunning high-end look without the cost.
    Metallic Epoxy Floor
    Metallic Epoxy
    Want your garage to be the envy of the neighborhood? A metallic epoxy garage floor in Riverside, CA gives you a one-of-a-kind floor system with a fun 3D effect. Choose your colors and the look you want and we will use metallic pigments with solvents, blowers, and other tools to add a pearlescent look to your floor to make it resemble colored glass, marble, and more.
    Garage Epoxy
    Custom Designs
    Our garage floor epoxy contractors have decades of experience working with epoxy. We can achieve any look you want with custom designs and patterns. For example, we can achieve a multi-colored metallic effect with a checkerboard pattern, add your favorite sports team’s logo, create abstract patterns, or create a floor that looks like smoke or leather.
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