Imagine opening your garage door and seeing not a dusty, gray, and neglected space but a bright and clean room you aren’t embarrassed for the neighbors to see. Our epoxy garage floor installers make it easy to transform your garage into a personal workshop, car showroom, or clean storage space in just one or two days. A garage epoxy coating is a cost-effective and long-lasting solution that can withstand heavy abuse for 10 to 20 years without showing its age.
As one of the leading garage floor epoxy companies in Riverside, CA, we have the experience and technical knowledge to make your vision come to life. From dramatic metallic epoxy garage floor coatings to sports team logos and bright granite flake floors, we can do it all.
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High-Performance Garage Epoxy Solutions
The best garage floor epoxy delivers longevity, durability, and beauty all in one
Thinking about installing a decorative and protective garage epoxy coating in Riverside, CA? Garage epoxy works to protect your concrete floor but that's not all: it's also a high-performance floor system that withstands all types of abuse without showing wear. Here's why Riverside homeowners consider garage epoxy a smart investment.
  • Resists hot tires, abrasion, wear, and damage
  • Seamless design is easy to clean
  • Stain and chemical resistant
  • Fast installation
  • Increased floor brightness by up to 300%
  • Economical with long life and low installation cost
  • Protects the concrete substrate
Epoxy Garage Floor Installers

Investing in

Professional Garage Floor Epoxy
As garage epoxy has grown in popularity, a number of DIY kits have started to appear in home improvement stores. At first glance, these kits may seem like an ideal solution: cover your garage floor with a decorative finish over the weekend and save yourself the cost of professional installation. The truth is these kits are made with inferior epoxy products that are little more than paint. They can’t deliver the performance, longevity, and appearance you’ll get with experienced garage floor epoxy contractors.
  • Concrete prep work. The key to long-lasting epoxy results? Carefully preparing the concrete substrate with repairs followed by diamond grinding. This opens the concrete’s pores, profiles the surface, and removes surface irregularities. The mild acid wash in a DIY kit isn’t enough for the epoxy to bond with the concrete and the floor will eventually fail.
  • Industrial-grade epoxy. Our epoxy garage floor installers in Riverside only install the best epoxy products that are solvent-based and 100% solids, not the 30-40% solids and water-based products you will get in a kit. Only industrial-grade epoxy is able to withstand hot tire pick up, abrasion, water, gas and oil spills, and other hazards without delaminating, chipping, or wearing away.
  • Fast installation. Giving your garage a brand-new look and feel doesn’t require a large time commitment. Our garage floor epoxy contractors in Riverside can do the prep work and epoxy installation in just 1 to 2 days with a full cure within days.
  • Long-lasting results. A DIY epoxy kit is unlikely to last more than a year or two before it chips, peels, or wears away. Professional garage floor epoxy can easily last 10-20 years or longer without sacrificing its performance or appearance.
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Garage Epoxy Coating

Design Options
There’s no limit to what our epoxy garage floor installers can achieve. From simple patterns and flake effects to elegant designs and colors that deliver a real “wow” effect, here’s an overview of the ways we can deliver the garage of your dreams.
Epoxy Flake Garage Floor
Granite Flake Epoxy
A flake epoxy system is a popular garage floor epoxy system that uses 100% solids epoxy combined with colored flakes. Our epoxy garage floor installers achieve a beautiful epoxy flake garage floor by broadcasting color flakes over a base coat of epoxy. This produces an appearance similar to granite. Along with visual interest, a flake epoxy system also creates a slip-resistance surface.
Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor
Metallic Garage Epoxy
Want an absolutely stunning and one-of-a-kind floor for your garage? A metallic epoxy garage floor in Riverside is unlike anything else. Popular for garages as well as lobbies and entryways that deserve a “wow” factor, we use metallic pigments that are agitated to create movement and depth. Your floor can look like marble, blue ocean water, molten metal, polished steel, and more.
Garage Floor Epoxy
Quartz Garage Epoxy
If your garage is used frequently for working on your car or other hobbies, you’re probably interested in a high-performance garage epoxy system. Quartz epoxy systems deliver unrivaled strength with the addition of colored quartz granules. Our epoxy garage floor installers offer a huge array of color options to give your floor eye-popping color, texture, and style.
Garage Floor Epoxy Riverside
Custom Patterns & Textures
There’s no limit to the designs we can achieve with garage epoxy. If you want to keep it simple, you can choose a solid color or a flake epoxy system. We can also take it a step further with custom patterns and effects. For instance, we can create a large checkerboard pattern that combines a solid grid with pearlescent epoxy squares that look like marble or tanned leather. We can add geometric shapes, bold patterns, and even logos to your floor.
Garage Epoxy
Endless Colors
It’s a common misconception that garage epoxy only comes in a few limited colors. The truth is we can design an epoxy garage floor coating in any color of the rainbow or a combination of colors from neutral shades of tan, white, black, and gray to vibrant pinks, blues, reds, and greens. We can combine colors to create a 3D effect or pattern or even mimic other materials like leather and marble.
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