You don’t have to be stuck with an ugly, cracked, unsealed concrete floor or a bland painted garage floor that’s quick to stain and pick up hot tire marks. Our epoxy floor coating experts can transform any concrete slab into a beautiful, finished floor with a high-quality epoxy coating. Homeowners turn to an epoxy garage floor coating in Riverside for a hardworking surface that resists stains, scratches, tire marks, and impact damage but it’s also strong enough for commercial applications.
Our epoxy coating contractors use a specialized process that focuses on preparation of the concrete floor and the use of industrial-grade epoxy products to deliver an extremely durable and long-lasting floor system. You can even choose from unlimited style options in every color, pattern, and effect imaginable. Ready to see the difference a professional epoxy floor coating can make to your home or business? Let Epoxy Flooring Riverside transform your concrete floor from drab to amazing.
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    Applications for an Epoxy Floor Coating
    Durable and Attractive Flooring for all Environments
    An epoxy floor coating in Riverside, CA is decorative enough for residential flooring and public commercial spaces yet durable and hardworking enough for even demanding industrial applications. We install concrete epoxy coatings in these environments and more.
    • Residential garages
    • Residential interior floors
    • Warehouses
    • Factories and manufacturing plants
    • Medical facilities
    • Auto shops
    • Food processing facilities
    • Restaurants and commercial kitchens
    • Institutional and military facilities
    Epoxy Floor Coating

    What to Know

    About Epoxy Floor Coatings
    Epoxy coatings for concrete floors are far superior to paint. Our industrial grade epoxy floor coatings are made from high-quality epoxy resin and a hardener that cure into an ultra-strong and seamless floor system. A garage or commercial epoxy floor coating in Riverside doesn’t just sit on top of the concrete, either; it bonds with the concrete and actually makes it stronger while protecting the concrete from damage. Here are some of the most important characteristics of an epoxy floor coating in Riverside, CA.
    • Completely seamless and easy to sanitize to USDA standards
    • Extremely chemical resistant and stain resistant even against gasoline, oil, solvents, and alkalis
    • Durable enough to withstand scratching, dents, impact damage, chemicals, hot tires, moisture, and more
    • Cost-effective flooring system that can last up to two decades
    • Increases floor brightness by up to 300% to reduce the need for additional lighting
    • Almost no maintenance required. Sweep, vacuum, mop, or even pressure wash without special cleaning products
    • Fully customizable with unlimited color, pattern, and design options
    We Can Install or Repair Any Type Of Epoxy Floor
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    Epoxy Coating Systems
    A professional epoxy floor coating is one of the most customizable floor systems available. We install epoxy coatings in every color of the rainbow with unlimited options in terms of patterns, striping, and unique effects we can create. The following are the most popular options for an epoxy floor coating.
    Epoxy Floor Coating Riverside
    Granite Flake Epoxy
    A flake epoxy floor coating is a popular way to get the look and even the strength of granite with the low cost and resistance of epoxy. After applying a primer coat of epoxy, we add color chips with different colors and density variations to achieve an elegant granite look. This option is popular for a garage epoxy coating.
    Metallic Epoxy Floor
    Metallic Epoxy Floors
    A metallic epoxy floor coating in Riverside is the most dramatic look we can achieve. We use your choice of colors and metallic flakes that are agitated with solvents, blowers, brushes, and more to create a 3D pearlescent effect like colored glass, lightning, marble, a lava lamp, or anything else you can imagine.
    Epoxy Garage Floor Coating
    Garage Epoxy Coatings
    Much of our work involves epoxy garage floor coatings in Riverside, CA, a popular solution to transform a dusty, dark, and bland space into the perfect environment for storage, hobbies, and more. Our epoxy coating contractors can give your garage a cost-effective renovation in just 1-2 days with a garage floor that resists gas and oil spills, hot tires, moisture, dropped objects, and much more. It can even boost your home’s value!
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring
    Commercial Epoxy
    A commercial epoxy floor coating is the perfect solution for your commercial facility to withstand constant foot traffic, cart wheels, spills, heavy loads, and more. Our epoxy floor coating experts install only industrial grade epoxy floor coatings to meet the specific needs of your commercial property with a wide variety of customization options.
    Industrial Epoxy Flooring
    Industrial Epoxy
    A terrazzo industrial epoxy floor coating is almost indestructible and it’s used when longevity, durability, and low maintenance are essential. Epoxy terrazzo flooring is installed in schools, institutions, arenas, shopping centers, stores, hospitals, factories, and more. It’s as well suited for chemical processing plants and factories as it is sterile environments like commercial kitchens and medical centers.
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